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Michael Tsarion: The Female Illuminati

Michael Tsarionin artikkeli, joka kannattaa lukea:
People establish and join secret societies because they seek power. Once they've achieved great power as well as wealth, they sometimes want to brag about it and let others know about their special status. To further this desire, members of secret societies - from Jesuits to Satanists - make use of the media. Highly financed movies are made to communicate to us on a non-verbal level. These movies are often ostensibly based on the books of commissioned writers, themselves lower-level agents of powerful secret societies. 

Hollywood movies occasionally provide us with keyhole visions into what’s going on behind the scenes; although not enough for laymen and symbolically illiterate people to decipher and understand. That’s why so many people remain ignorant about secret societies and their ways. However if we do a little serious research, it becomes easier to see what is going on. This process is occasionally helped by whistle-blowing movies from Hollywood and other media orgs, movies such as Brotherhood of the Bell, To the Devil a Daughter, The Devil Rides Out, The Omen, Bladerunner, Freejack, Judge Dread, Fifth Element, Tombraider, The Formula, James Bond, The Da Vinci Code, National Treasure, Skulls, Eyes Wide Shut, and so on. As we said, perhaps we are deliberately BEING TOLD what is going on by the elites themselves. It’s an intriguing thought.

Of course the serious researcher does not simply base his work on media extravaganzas. My own work on secret societies is based in sources, and I strengthen my ideas with numerous statements and quotes from insiders and those who have made a deep study of secret society symbolism. In other words, the existence of secret fraternities is documented fact. Happily, if paradoxically, secret societies publish their own works which provide us with key insights into their origins and agendas.

After reading and studying material of this kind I eventually gained greater knowledge about the workings of the world’s major secret societies – the Freemasons, Knights Templar, Rosicrucians, Knights of Malta, Jesuits, Illuminati, etc. Additionally, the artwork I decipher is that which hangs in their own clubs and lodges, and in famous shrines such as the House of the Temple in Washington DC. Interesting artwork is to be found in plenty throughout the world’s many Masonic halls, those in almost every major town and city that most people pass by as they go about their business. A study of the friezes and reliefs outside Masonic structures also furnished me with insight into the subtle manner in which insiders nonverbally communicate with us. I learned to go even further, and observe the many clock towers, statues, fountains, murals, floors and obelisks, etc, which exist in major towns and cities. I discovered that most cities are ritually laid out and have a more esoteric purpose than one might guess. (See my book The Trees of Life: Exposing the Art of Holy Deception, for more on this subject.)

As to the power of secret societies, we must accept that it is considerable. After doing nearly thirty years of research into these matters, I realized the extent of their sociopolitical power. I also realized that most of their operations would not receive public approval. This is partly why they prefer anonymity. Although their identities may not be secret, their rites, behavior and designs for world control are kept in the dark and out of sight to ordinary men and women. They make good use of hierarchies and fixed degree ceremonies to ensure that only the “right” kind of person gets to be an insider. Their frats can be found in every major university and college. Their lower and higher members surround us in every school, university, corporation, livery company and charity.

To uncover their existence you must not wait for them to come out into the open. You must go into your streets with open eyes and ask yourself - Who built Bath? Who built London? Who built Washington DC, Cologne and Paris? You might not understand completely all the secrets of these fraternities, but you can eventually realize that something strange has been going from the year dot. You’ll realize the tremendous financial power that exists, out of reach of the common man. And you’ll realize the time it took to attain such power. In the end you’ll be more aware of the presence and prestige of the equestrian and chivalric orders that infest our world. You’ll understand how their many branches and fraternities work to filter out moral men and promote immoral and amoral ones.
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