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Ford Ka

Mitä ka tarkoittaa?

"It is extraordinarily difficult for us to undrestand what is meant by the ka, because the ka soul corresponds to no concept in our modern consciousness, and is an archetypal entity. The Egyptians conceived it as a man's double, as his genious or the guardian angel, as his name and as that which nourished him.

When the ka and the body are purified and united, the king - like Osiris before him and every individual after him - is "a complete being who achieves perfection."

The ka soul is therefore an archetypal prefiguration of what we know today as the "self"; in its union with the other soul parts [viittaa: bu, khu, sahu], and in the transformation of personality thereby effected, we have the first historical example - in mythological projection - of the psychic process we call "individuation" or the "integration of personality."

Through this union of soul parts the king becomes a ba, a heart-soul who dwells with the gods and possesses the breath of life; he is now an akhu, a perfect spiritual being." - Erich Neumann (The Origins And History Of Consciousness)

Osiris - "ensimmäinen faarao"

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